Home Blood Pressure Monitoring with the Viso App




Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home

Patients with hypertension can now monitor their blood pressure at home using the Viso app.

This service, recommended by NHS England and provided in partnership with NHS Dorset and Omron Healthcare, allows for easy tracking and sharing of blood pressure readings with your GP.

someone checking their blood pressure

Advantages of Using Viso

  • Ease of Use: Measure your blood pressure at home and send the readings to your GP through the app.
  • Comfort and Accuracy: Taking readings in your own environment may reduce anxiety and provide more representative results.
  • Professional Oversight: Allows healthcare professionals to monitor your blood pressure remotely, aiding in timely medical advice and intervention.

Getting Started

For more information on the Viso app and instructions on its use, please visit our Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home page.