New service available for you – Limited places available per session!

After a successful trial in Weymouth, a new local service for people with Type 2 diabetes in West Dorset has been launched via your GP Surgery and is available to you
Feedback has been fantastic and your healthcare team strongly recommend that you attend

Leaving a review

29 out of 30 would recommend the session to friends and family

Diabetes monitor, apple and trainers

27 out of 30 people said the session increased their understanding of diabetes

A group discussion

EVERYONE said the session will help them achieve their goals/what matters to them

Advice for diabetes has changed over the years as we have learned more and more about the human body: Dietary advice is now different and there are more types of medication available.  If you haven’t had an update recently, you could be missing out on information that will make it easier to live with diabetes and fit it around your lifestyle choices.

We are offering you an information update session called REFOCUS.  It aims to be a useful update in a relaxed and informal environment.  You will choose the topics that are important to you and you will be able to ask questions if you wish. 



  • You may join in as much or as little as you like, at the session.  You will not be made to speak up or share information if you do not wish to.  There will be up to 15 people in your group, all living with diabetes too. 
  • Sessions run throughout the year in Bridport and also by video link if you prefer. We offer both morning and afternoon sessions, on varying days of the week.
  • We know that living with diabetes can often involve family and friends; you are welcome to have one person join you.  You can have someone in your place if you cannot make it.
  • You do not need to prepare anything before coming to the session.  It can be helpful to bring any diabetes medications with you.
  • If you are not going to use the place you have booked, please let us know so we can offer it to someone else. If you need to change your booking to another date, we will be happy to do that too.

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West Dorset Diabetes Team

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