Physiotherapy Services




Aches and pains in your joints, muscles and bones can cause frustration and worry impacting your daily activities.

These can be treated by yourself, in your own home in most cases.

We encourage patients to take advantage of the advice, information and exercises available on the links below which local clinicians support. If you continue to suffer with a condition or injury affecting muscles, joints and soft tissues such as low back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain, a Physiotherapist may be able to help.

Information for adults

Information for children and young people


Do you think you need physiotherapy?

The physiotherapy service is provided by Dorset Health Care and are able to offer appointments over different locations.


If you think you need physiotherapy you are able to refer yourself to outpatient physiotherapy in Dorset.

Please read the self-referral information where you will also find a range of information and exercises to help you treat your condition or complete our patient/carer self-referral form.

Please note that referrals are prioritised according to need and waiting times for routine cases may apply.