Blister Packs


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What is a Blister Pack

Blister packs, sometimes called monitored dosage systems, dossette boxes or trays are a sealed medication management solution that enables your pharmacy to group patient medication according today and time dosage requirements.

Unfortunately, all our local community pharmacies are oversubscribed and unable to take on new patients, and some are withdrawing this service gradually meaning we are unable to arrange new blister packs for your medication. Blister packs are not always the most suitable option to assist with medication compliance and should be assessed by a medical professional before setting up to make sure the medication is safe and suitable to be dispensed in this way.

If you receive a blister pack from a GP dispensing practice, your blister pack won’t be affected, and this does not apply to you.


Blister packs are not the only way to find extra support with your medication, there are numerous compliance aids available to purchase, these include:

  • Visual reminders to link in with your daily routine such as fridge magnets
  • Accessibility aids to help with difficulties popping pills from their foil packaging, administering eye drops, using your inhalers and halving tablets
  • Alarm devices to remind you to take your tablets at certain times throughout the day
  • Automated pill dispensers in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Reusable medication storage devices you then fill yourself.

Contact the TEC Lounge in Dorchester for more information and demonstrations of the latest pill dispensing equipment.

There are also ways to help with taking your tablets for free including:

  • Phone calls or text message reminders from friends or family
  • Medication reminder charts (provided by the PCN pharmacy team and some community pharmacies, filling one out yourself)
  • Having a structured medication review with a GP or clinical pharmacist to ensure your all your medication is necessary and safe for you

Online Pharmacies

An alternative to blister packs are pouches of medication doses packaged individually in a roll that you remove one at a time. These can always be supplied online, and you will need to register for them yourself.

For further information on this type of support please search online for online pharmacies offering blister packs or pouches. The NHS wesbite provides a list of Internet Pharmacies.